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We created an industry by offering custom crating for businesses and consumers with shipments too big, fragile, valuable or uniquely-shaped for traditional shippers.

We offer custom packing and crating services to meet your needs. We offer a full service of packing and crating requests from an inital estimate to a reliable product, including on-site packaging and various pick-up and delivery options. We can also do our job at your site.

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How we operate

All Packing and Crating meets the needs of customers facing the challenge of transporting, for example, a valuable art piece, a theatrical prop, or a rack of medical equipment. The company will pick up the item(s) at a customer's location and transport it to a local All Packing and Crating center. There, the item is carefully packaged and/or crated to ensure safe arrival at its destination.

Why choose us

All Packing and Crating is a full service logistics provider focused on expert packing and crating solutions. The company has the unique ability to provide simple solutions to complicated shipping issues from on-site packing to product-specific packaging. Clients rely on All Packing and Crating.

Product Security Guaranteed

All Packing and Crating builds item-unique crates for each shipment to be transported.
Packaging methods & services include:

Product preparation and protection

Custom wood crates


Custom Wood Crates

In House Crating

Heat Treated Wood Crates for Export

Double wall corrugated packaging

Steel Banding


Local on-site crating

Reusable Crates

And More!


Heavy Equipment | Medical Equipment | Vehicles | Marble & Granite Slabs | Fragile Art | Vanities | Kitchen Equipment | Furniture | Electronics | and more!

Packaging Protection

Styrofoam | Packing Peanuts | Bubble Wrap | Anti-Static Foam | Shrink | Wrap